Chris is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Born in 1987 and raised in Pitkin County, Colorado, he began making music at an early age, taken to noise on toy pianos and cooking pots. Although visual art occupied most of his formative years, he declared music as a concentration later in college. He has performed in bands mainly as a drummer until taking on his solo project in 2010.

    Chris is also a certified sommelier and runs the beverage program at Lenoir restaurant in Austin, TX. There is a syzygy that aligns wine and music in his latests efforts attest that. His debut album, Unlikely is generous in these regards. “Unlikely is not only sonically gorgeous, culminating folk-rock and country influences but it is as unusually crafted as it is listenable, featuring a wide array of sounds and instruments that support his often abstract, but poignant lyrics”.                                                  


   It is difficult to summarize precisely who Chris sounds like, suggesting that he is up to something greater than just imitation. As his friend and former producer, Lester Price says, “his songwriting is wildly ambitious...really non-pedestrian like stuff... it would take a lot of work to get to know”.

  Chris recorded his debut album Unlikely with Misery Loves Co. in Carbondale, CO and with Eclectica Studios in Austin, TX. His sophomore album, Desert Smiles is out now and was also recorded in Austin, largely at Eclectica Studios, and at Chris’ home.

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