the night fell young

she slipped into his lungs

held his breath for sometime

there’s no certain plan;

to get out

below the stars

the skeleton of man

those firework eyes;

never had a fuse

to the rambling news

of any conscience man that’d see her

trapped deep inside

her checks were flush, it wasn’t blush

science said it wasn’t enough

we see you now in your fancy clothes;

worn down shoes from all you know

she told him she’d “love to be

the next one in line”

he told her as he exhaled,

“maybe next time”

nobody knew

just how on earth she grew

between his fragile mind

obscuring all those blues;

a chance was never seen

to make recompense

of the damage she incurred of course

reaping all those lives

his wife was out and on the run

to find out who as the whistle blew;

way beyond those tempered ways

of crazy eyes and hazy days

she told him she’d “always love

into the next life”

he reached out his hand and said

“i love you my dear, dear wife”                             

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when ground shakes

that’s all it takes

to lose this town

so i draw up to you

of the many of us

who display a certain fuss

over whether or not, you can be

more than a small king

and we take away

from our world when it’s never ours to take

ride it out as halter breaks

ride it away on your stakes

you’re a local in a tourist town

she’s a handful all the way around

and a frugal as any man

you always take what you can

and i eat with my eyes when i’m


my body shakes

even though i know you cant read it

quarters turn over moons

and i begin to fix

that affection

of fooling around with you (what a dream)

we all want to be small kings

we all want to be tall

we all want to be small kings

we al want to ride out on our dreams

when we bend

and you flip

whit’s laid on awfully thick;

it’s hard doing time as a small king

but i give and i take

which is more than i’d ever make

in a fake world

as a real king

we ride out from dreams

made for... small kings

Firework Eyes

Small Kings


you bring home some new plans

to see how things run

you get out some new maps

to see what you've done

blow up those daydreams

into fears you'll outrun;

maybe they'll write you, a column

just for fun…

it's all, it's all FM renderings

so they bring in a new man

to see systems roll

put out a ragged-hand

to shake at the door

feed to the masses

kneed a little dough

meanwhile your puppets

go on with their shows

it's all, it's all FM renderings

so you've got your intentions

to leave this dimension

find out a new way

to make cells worth

save a little money

love someone more

it's never easy

but wait 'till you score

it's all, it's all FM renderings

dear brother i've been sick

grown weary from my stay

alone in seclusion

it's always been this way

hour hands pass

steady as they come

other people laugh they say

that i am dumb

monday is gone

at least that's what they say

quietly headstrong

he's always been that way

hour hands pass

steady as they come

other people laugh they say, they feel

that he is dumb

he knows too much

to have only go this far

slipped up in fears;

he comforts in mine

blinded by a past

asleep through the sun

days into nights

his life, has just, begun

made up words

phrases that appeal

one sympathetic source

turning the ol' wheel

check all bags

i'm headed down to you

can't stand these people;

it's said, it's said that i am few

Dear Brother

you've been put out

you've been put up with;

you put out all the same

it's these doubts, doubts that are to blame

if feelings go

there's no sense in shame

and that's how

how we, change

you've been stood up

you've been stood up to

but you stand out all the while

it's this fist inside the glove

that holds the fire

if you're not your mind

your mind's made up

with change, yeah with, change

you move on in

and i move out with

all sense of time

like snow we fall

but melt like ice

in the morning sun

it's alright, we're alright

you've been put out

you've been put up with

you've been put out all the same

it's these doubts

doubts that are to blame

you bring home styles

to build that frame

and that's how

how we, change

Put Out